MOGAS Systems & Consulting Modules Offer Safe and Reliable Solutions for Heavy Oils Refining

2023-09-26 16:10 출처: MOGAS Industries, Inc.

MOGAS Systems and Consulting modular unit (Photo: Business Wire)

HOUSTON--(뉴스와이어)--MOGAS Industries, Inc. (MOGAS) proudly offers the latest feat in engineering for heavy oils refining. MOGAS Systems & Consulting (MS&C) modular units (modules) are fully functional and ready for use in many process plants.

Modules are a favorable choice compared to traditional stick-built (site fabricated) refinery units constructed on-site, which are frequently more expensive and require excessive additional construction costs due to unnecessary pipe, welding, fittings and other components. MS&C modules’ streamlined design provides many benefits to operators, including reduced capital and operations expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX).

MOGAS recently produced five high pressure letdown module units for a residue upgrade application, lowering operations risks to personnel and streamlining the unit’s processing capabilities. Modules are safer than traditional units with fewer individual components and reduce operational risks to maintenance personnel through automated programming. Featured key design options include the patented MOGAS Y-valve, which removes dead zones to ensure that process fluid cannot form coke and solidify essential components. Custom module designs can also feature purging and flushing options based on the application.

MS&C modules are available in a variety of configurations, including designs for filtration, heat exchanger, letdown and pump units. MS&C modules include both standard warranties on components and a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE to ensure that the unit will perform as intended for a pre-determined period, providing added peace of mind to operators.

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About MOGAS Systems & Consulting

MOGAS Systems & Consulting (MS&C), a MOGAS Industries brand, offers pre-engineered valve systems as modular units (skids) for process plants. With over five decades of MOGAS custom-engineered solutions, our proven technology and expertise have resulted in partnerships with EPCs, technology licensors and end users.

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